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Posted: 12/30/2021

Architectural Project Manager

FREIHEIT Architecture, based in Bellevue, Washington, is involved in a multitude of commercial projects within the greater Puget Sound region and beyond.  Our staff thrives on designing the projects that ultimately become the physical form of our client’s concept.  With the large range of typologies our staff touch on daily, there is no shortage of learning opportunities for all levels of experience.

Architectural Project Manager

We are seeking an energetic candidate with demonstrated project management experience to support guidance of one of our large hospitality projects.  The architectural project manager will participate in developing the overall strategy for the project’s success and will be responsible for implementing developed strategy in working with the staffing team to ensure the appropriate teammates are focusing on necessary aspects of the project to ensure project deliverables meet expectations.  Working closely with the Principal-In-Charge, the Architectural Project Manager will be relied upon to provide status updates to the overall design team, facilitate decision making to maintain project schedule, and coordinate with outside consultants to support above mentioned goals.  Daily duties include, but are not limited to: organize team tasks and provide guidance to staff, oversee quality control of presentations, document sets, and specifications, maintain project design schedule and facilitate written, verbal and graphic communication to internal team, consultant team and client representatives.

Personal Attributes

  • A team player
  • Demonstrate accountability
  • Take pride your work
  • Natural curiosity to learn
  • Eager to teach through mentorship
  • Look at projects from our client’s perspective

Project Responsibilities and Personal Skills

  • Communication, verbal, written and graphic, between internal and external project team members
  • Demonstrate judgement from ability to prioritize tasks to suggestions for project improvement
  • Play a strong role in the investigation and design of projects and architectural processes
  • Capable of expressing project goals and coordinating efforts towards them
  • Develop schedules
  • Produce convincing presentations to illustrate projects
  • Supervise and lead quality-control of project team

Requirements to Succeed:

  • Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree in Architecture
  • Architectural licensure a plus
  • Minimum 10 years work experience in an architectural firm; 5 years hospitality project experience
  • Knowledgeable in architectural drafting and detailing techniques
  • Broad range of project type and construction type experience
  • Technical understanding of construction and processes
  • Microsoft Office Suite
  • Familiarity with Revit software


  • Education Benefits including paid time off and reimbursement match for professional education activities
  • Bonus Program
  • Paid Time Off and Holidays
  • Medical Insurance
  • 401K Plan
  • Paid Building Parking Pass
  • Transportation Subsidy for Hwy 520 toll, ORCA transit pass, carpool, rideshare or bicycle use


In aligning with efforts of Washington’s Safe Start program, our team is both working from our Bellevue office or from home – a hybrid schedule allows project teams dedicated time at the office for project work sessions and client meetings and the flexibility to connect to the office from home on alternate days.


Job Type: Full-time

Posted: 12/22/2021

Architects & Architectural Designers

FREIHEIT Architecture is seeking proactive Architects & Architectural Designers that thrive in environments where initiative and creativity are commonplace.  While our staff experience spans a variety of project typologies, candidates responding to our current open position will find experience in our commercial office building market to begin but likely will become involved with other project types over their tenure.  This position is generally supported by staff with five or more years of commercial architecture experience.


Our Architect/Architectural Designers are expected to successfully demonstrate:

  • Ability to make decisions based on substantial knowledge of architectural drafting techniques, selection of building materials and develop and explain detailing based on building code and construction knowledge
  • Independent performer with balance of collaboration using multiple methods of communication
  • Confidence on aspects of architectural presentations (both formal and informal) and generator of solutions to challenges encountered
  • Reliability in form of delivery on promised tasks on time as well as jumping in to help where assistance is needed
  • Maintains balance of learning and mentoring
  • Responsibility of self-management towards project and firm goals


FREIHEIT Architecture’s Architects /Architectural Designers participate daily in developing projects using Revit; self-sufficient Revit experience a must.  Strong technical knowledge combined with project management skills are expected from our team members.

Our staff balances work from both in person practice at our Bellevue Office and remote with virtual connection to other project team members.  Our competitive benefits package includes a PTO program, medical insurance, transportation subsidies, continuing education and a variety of frequent team building events.

Posted: 12/22/2021

Interior Designer

Freiheit Architecture is seeking to find passionate Interior Designers that are looking to grow their career in both hospitality and commercial design.  As a junior member of the team, you will support a team of more senior interior and architectural professionals with sketches, supervised planning and concept ideas, ensuring that projects are designed to the highest quality and in line with the project narrative.

Candidate must be good at multi-tasking, organized, energetic, eager to learn, cheerful, and also be comfortable in a fast-paced environment. The Junior Designer will contribute to the success of the firm by assisting with all aspects of design development, sourcing, meeting preparation, technical drawings, maintaining organized binders and sample library.


Personal Attributes:

  • Excellent communicator and collaborator
  • A ‘can do’ work attitude on all tasks from the mundane to the extraordinary
  • Self-motivated and pro-active
  • Team player – a leader, a listener, a mentor
  • Curiosity to learn
  • Stellar organizational skills
  • Accountable


Requirements to Succeed:

  • BA in Interior Design
  • Proficient in Adobe In Design and Photoshop, Sketch-up
  • Proficient in Revit or Auto Cad
  • Proficient in Excel, Word, Outlook- must be prompt and utilize strong communication skills when responding to emails


Project Role and Responsibilities:


  • Helps schedule product rep presentation
  • Maintains library and sample room


  • Help pull inspiration images that fit the design narrative and parameters of the project needs
  • Presentation layout per senior designer’s direction and standards
  • Ordering and labeling selected finish sample for client presentations

Design Development (DD):

  • Blocking up Basic custom furniture drawings
  • Assist with product and material selection appropriate for end use
  • Assist with room matrix process
  • Contacting vendors for samples, product pricing and lead-times
  • Assist with furniture layouts and floor plans
  • Develop, design, and present ideas for implementation to lead designers and directors

FF&E Specification:

  • Format simple specification into Spec Program
  • Creating and Maintaining project binders

Construction Documentation (CD):

  • Blocking up Basic elevations, sections and details
  • Translate and implement Plans in Auto Cad or Revit
  • Pick-up redlines with accuracy
  • Assist in Finish Schedule
  • Draw and tag finish plans and elevations to meet firm’s standards


  • Education Benefits including paid time off and reimbursement match for professional education activities
  • Bonus Program
  • Paid Time Off and Holidays
  • Medical Insurance
  • 401K Plan
  • Paid Building Parking Pass
  • Transportation Subsidy for Hwy 520 toll, ORCA transit pass, carpool, rideshare or bicycle use


In aligning with efforts of Washington’s Safe Start program, our team is both working from our Bellevue office or from home – a hybrid schedule allows project teams dedicated time at the office for project work sessions and client meetings and the flexibility to connect to the office from home on alternate days.

Job Type: Full-time

Posted: 12/22/2021

Interior Design Director

Are you an experienced Interior Designer looking for an opportunity to shape an entire Interior Design group?  To build your team and generate the business development pathways to pursue the project types you are most passionate about?

FREIHEIT Architecture is seeking an Interior Design Director to grow and lead our Interior Design team.  Beyond complimenting the architectural practice, the interior design group is independent in leading client engagement across corporate, mixed-use, and hospitality markets.

In addition to being enthusiastic and flexible, the ideal Interior Design Director candidate will thrive on meeting challenges across multiple project scopes, overlapping schedules, and multiple projects. While demonstrating exceptional skills in communication (written, graphic, verbal), exhibits a willingness to venture into new project types, and capable to negotiate internal firm needs in order to meet client expectations.

Initial responsibilities of the Interior Design Director include, but are not limited to, interviewing new interior design candidates, jumping in to support current projects, and working with firm leadership to develop business plan strategy to balance supportive and independent Interior Design group project efforts.

Candidate Requirements:

  • NCIDQ certification
  • Minimum 10 years post-bachelors degree experience on corporate, mixed-use, and hospitality projects
  • Demonstrated experience of leading teams
  • Ability to clearly communicate design vision to firm leadership and clients
  • Basic use understanding of Revit and AutoCAD software
  • Ability to manage financial aspects of the interiors department


Interior Design Director shall in addition be distinguished by the following attributes:

  • Individual demonstrates high degree of creativity, foresight, and maturity in design judgment in planning, organizing, and guiding extensive and / or unique programs and activities, determining program objectives and requirements, organizing programs and projects, and developing standards and guides for diverse design activities.
  • Must demonstrate responsibility for the profitability of all projects managed. This entails the invoicing of clients, creation of or implementation of contracts (without the right to authorize), maintaining and expanding client base.
  • Possesses general understanding of corporate accounts and fiscal operations.
  • Must demonstrate strong leadership abilities.  Makes authoritative decisions and recommendations of significant impact on firm’s primary architectural activities. Responsible for one or more diverse and large-scope programs critical to overall firm objectives.
  • Must display strong social skills and abilities to interact with clients, consultants and staff and demonstrates a high level of firm promotion and representation in and out of the firm. Also initiates and maintains contacts with key employees and officials of other organizations and companies, requiring skill in persuasion and negotiation of critical issues.
  • Must show the capability to maintain uniformly high production standards for all design and contract documents based on a sound and thorough architectural knowledge. Must be successful at planning, organizing, and supervising work of significant number of staff.
  • Must successfully collaborate with and take direction from Principals.  Provides insightful support to principals regarding mission critical goals and objectives.
  • Must maintain sound financial practices and demonstrate fiscal responsibility to the firm such as preparation or completion of regular and routine assigned business functions to include but not limited to personal timesheets, personal expense reports and client invoices within established or otherwise agreed upon timelines.
  • Duties expanded to include supervision, coordination, and review of work of a group of staff and / or individual research on specific technologies, skills and / or knowledge and carries out complex or novel assignments requiring development of new improved techniques and procedures.
  • Supervision becoming a more collaborative effort with senior staff.  Provide consistent supervision to junior staff members.
  • Capable of independently evaluating all project related issues and makes appropriate decisions required, even for complex project types.
  • Actively manages personnel issues appropriately.
  • Has a strong technical background with extensive knowledge of construction.  Applies sound and diverse knowledge of interior design and architectural principles and practices in a broad array of assignments, related fields and possesses strong skills in specific aspects of the following: Design, Management, Project Management, Client Relationship and Marketing.
  • Has sufficient architectural knowledge to act as liaison with architectural staff in the firm.